Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CH Tibbsy!

About a month back, Tibbs and I went to yet another show to knock down the final leg towards his championship.  We bathed.  We brushed.  We did nails.  We pep talked.  And off we went.

Now, over the last year I feel I've gotten to know a lot of the folks in the dog show world pretty well - they've taught me more about handling than I knew there was to know.  They've taught me to table stack and together we've worked through Tibbs' fear of the Scary Table.  And whaddaya know, it's paid off!

I've added the specific accomplishments to Mr. Tibbs' page, but to quickly list them here, he went Best Male in both Sunday shows, finishing his Championship in style!  Judge comments included, "This dog has a really nice ass!"  He most certainly does.

Look at how chuffed he is!
Whenever we have money we'll buy a formal New Champion picture, but I took this after we got home from the show.  I think he looks pretty proud of himself.  I know I'm proud of how we've developed as a team.

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