Sunday, March 31, 2013

Just Keep Swimming!

Today Tibbs and I ventured to the North American Coton Association dog show in Hutton, TX. For those not familiar, Tibbs' show record contains a serious on the table freak out which preceded 2 shows of working through what developed into a pretty decent fear of the table examination. He took a Best of Winners last month but prior consistently got beaten (mostly by his more rapidly maturing siblings).  As of last month (now that Shiner's Championship is finished), I've taken over handling Tibbs and we're starting to gain some momentum.

We got to the show early today and received some handling and stacking advice from the lovely Kathleen Chance. The first show we went in the ring and Mr. Tibbs is in BUSINESS, my friends. While we didn't win anything, he presented himself beautifully, including on the table.  I am super-proud of him for conquering his fear!

The second show got started around 1, and since this was a smaller show (Easter weekend and all) things were moving along briskly. That being said, there was a good amount of competition in the Rat Terrier classes, which is always exciting but also a little daunting. In we went, and up onto the table. I got two good tailings out if him, he stacked like a statue, and gaited as well as I can ask. Bar the occasional leap for food.  He was awarded Best Male by judge Irma Szabo Fertl! Go Tibbs!

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